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What's Being Said

Since starting my business, I’ve met many amazing people and their dogs.  Read some of their experiences below

Freddie and I attended Mary’s Family Manners Classes and he got his CGC.  We loved the individualize lessons, as well as being able to speak with Mary 1:1 to problem solved puppy behaviors. Freddie is now in her Scent Work classes and it’s wonderful seeing him blossom into a strong scent work dog

Harvey came to Mary to do his CGC testing. Harvey is a very sensitive dog and Mary just was able to work with him to bring out the best in him!


Willie and I love Mary’s Scent Work Classes. She has very creative and challenging searches each geared to the handlers and dogs abilities!


My favorite thing about attending class with Beukeboom is watching him do something he so clearly enjoys. Having him have this sniffing job is such great enrichment for him and is a wonderful activity for us to do together 

image1 (1).jpeg

Mary makes learning dog manners easy for the humans and fun for pups. Rico and I both love that we learn and laugh every class.

IMG_9791 (1).jpeg

I love pushing Rhodie to see what she can achieve. I love building our bond stronger and stronger with every class. Mary knows just how to tap into our strengths as a team. 


The one thing I love the most about class is seeing how our teamwork has improved tremendously, I am able to read Ryder a lot better, and his confidence has improved so much.


​​I love watching Annie slowly figure what I’m asking her to do, and then watching that understanding come quicker and quicker with repetition. I love seeing her thrive. 


Getting a rescue can be a little nerve racking. But Mary’s classes allowed Mabel and i to really bond and now I can’t wait to take her next class.

We totally enjoyed Mary's class. She is an incredibly engaging instructor to both owners and dogs. She clearly is passionate about what she does, making everyone feel special. We never ceased to be amazed by the energy she brought to our evening class. We would welcome the chance to take another class with her and would highly recommend to others.

image1 (2).jpeg

Mary is an excellent trainer. She appreciates that every dog is unique and tailors her methods accordingly. Mary helped me take Rocky from a rambunctious puppy to a Canine Good Citizen. Her Scent Work Classes are so much fun for both Rocky and me and also prepared us for our first competition/trial!

image0 (1).jpeg

My favorite thing about class is how excited Sky gets when she knows it’s time for class and when she sees her.

image1 (3).jpeg
CGC Graduation.jpg

Mary is an awesome trainer. She has a “no judgment” approach to the work, treating each team of dog and owner as a unique entity meeting them where they are at and respecting their individual process. She has a great sense of humor and a down-to-earth way of interacting with her students (owners and dogs alike). She has a gift in her teaching style that allows even the most crazy, high-energy dogs (like our Ibizan Hound) to shine and reach their full potential.

2021-11-19 07.44.38 (1).jpg
Java and pillow-2-22.jpeg

Mary is one of the most caring, patient instructors I have ever met.  My dog, Java, is an over-exuberant, strong will 14-month-old puppy who needs a lot of direction.  Mary has generously gone out of her way to find the right training to help me calm and train him.  Thank you Mary!


These classes are great. Mary is always making them fun and, at the same time, challenging. She changes the routine often to ensure that the dogs are not bored.  She is patient, flexible, professional and attentive to the details.  Mika and I are enjoying these classes and are always looking forward to coming to class!

Regardless of dog's type, temperament, or the challenges you face in training, I would recommend Mary Skirchak to help you with any training challenge, whether in a class or individually. Her first Family Manners class was so good for me and my young pup that I signed up for the next class and would not hesitate to sign up for another class with her. I even might consider repeating the second class for reinforcement and practice.

I have worked with various trainers over more than 50 years of having dogs, and Mary has a particularly nice way about her in terms of making her human students feel at ease and encouraged, while effectively working with so many different dogs (my pup adores her). I find that she runs her classes at a comfortable but never rushed pace, keeping things interesting with just the right amount of new material and reinforcement of previously learned commands in each session.

Overall, Mary makes dog training an enjoyable and positive experience that I really look forward to. I thank her for enhancing and helping to strengthen my communication and bond with my beloved companion—an invaluable gift that I know will pay off throughout our life together.  - Laura

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